2 Years Ago Today We Won the Olympic Hockey Gold

Remember when we dominated the Winter Olympics at Van2010?! YA buddy.

This was the final day of the Games, and…

…our 16th Gold, more than any other country, EVER.


I was making videos for Sun Media, writing for Vancouver 24 Hours newspaper, running around looking good because Canada Goose kitted me out… Van2010 was the best.

This was my final article.

I love how this was known around the wolrd as “The Party Olympics”.

Simultaneously, we set the record for the most gold medals ever won at a Winter Olympics.  Sums us up pretty well, eh?

This was our coming out party, Canada!

It’s important to keep this patriotic momentum going; we’ve been humble for long enough about being the best country in the wold.

You know those times when you got goosebumps during the Games, or when your eyes welled up?  When you were holding your breath and forgetting to blink while you willed us to victory?

That feeling, that’s the one that needs to be celebrated and screamed a little louder.

I don’t want to leave here.  I want to live in this bubble forever.

Thank you Vancouver, for showing me the time of my life.

See you soon.
I’m so coming back.



Here’s a good post I did about the Olympics last summer.

Oh Canada ILU.



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