Introducing The DefCon 19 Interview Series

Last year I came to Vegas to attend the world’s largest online security conferences, BlackHat and DefCon. I arrived with my list of ideas I’d compiled over years, showed it around, and the result were the following eight interviews. Above is the highlight reel. – an online security show geared toward the end-user.

Think of the housewives of Iowa.

Here are all the interviews, in order of appearance above (which is no particular order, to be clear):

Johnny Long

Paul Asadoorian

Dave Kennedy

Mikko Hypponen

Michael Schearer

Vivek Ramachandran

Babak Javadi

Larry Pesce

(YouTube playlist here)

I also produced maybe the world’s only video showing you inside DefCon 19.

There’s another video of me blablablaing at the camera, sleep deprivation-ed out.

Why did the videos take so long to go online?

Because I was nervous. You can sit down and watch me for 8 edited hours, 150+ videos, but, advising people on how to protect themselves online, go into Terminal and change things, this is an intimidating topic to make a video about.

I was one of the first to alert people of the Mac trojan FlashBack trojan in the spring. It got tons of traffic, which turned into tons of people contacting me when a Twitter glitch that same day produced a false-positive that I’d showed them how to tank their computer. Talk about a fun vacuum.  No more of that, links to other places only!

Click here and here for all security references here on KeriBlog. It will give you an idea of the content you can expect going forward. The official site is under construction.

I’ll leave you with my intro to SmartenUpInternet:

Have a great BlackHat and DefCon guys,

if you see me around say hi!


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