How ‘Security Responsible’ are You?

TELUS has released their 6th annual study of Canadian business security practices.

The report focuses on which best practices businesses have in place, that go beyond just compliance (as in, the bare minimum forced on you by the government.)

Ideally, your business is in the quadrant with the *.

How does your small business compare?  Take this test to find out.

Give yourself a score between 0-7 (0 being terrible, 7 being excellent), then compare how you operate to other Canadian businesses.

Do you…

1 – monitor and/or have rigorous procedures to act on new threat information

2 – understand the security drivers impacting your business

3 – conduct regular security awareness training for employees

4 – involve security early and throughout the development of new infrastructure/systems

5 – communicate social media policies to their employees

6 – have and/or execute on a comprehensive mobile security strategy

7 – conduct enterprise mobility security testing and Threat Risk Assessments (TRA)

Now compare:

The more “security responsible” companies have: less breaches, retain staff longer, better managed risk, and are positioned better to take new risks (side-note from me: they have better business karma, because accepting a credit card and being careless and lazy about it is terrible.)

And ideally, you have ongoing employee training sessions, because the human is always the weakest link.


This is an excerpt from my interview with Hernan Barros, Directory of Security Solutions at TELUS, and Walid Hejazi, Associate Professor, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, about their new study, the 2014 TELUS-Rotman IT Security Study.

The study is in its 6th year, and TELUS remains the country’s only telecom to proactively study security, and this is the only Canadian study this in-depth on a single country.

How it was conducted: 400+ security professionals were surveyed in the 2nd half of 2013, looking for both qualitative and quantitative data on how companies are executing their security strategies. Respondants were Private 48%, Government 23%, Publicly Traded 20%, and Non-profit 9%.

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The Mazda Adventure Rally – Day 3

We started the day in last place, 10/10th.

Because being contained within the confines of a small car really exaggerates and fast-foward things. That’s why back in in 2012 I wrote a column, “Your car is an ideal debating arena“.

But so many laughs for Team Autonet, right to the end too. The sign of a great teammate.

Even though that afternoon David made us put the top down, and exposed me to the sun. Don’t like the sun; I wear 60 SPF on a gray winter day.

Yes, I did wear the same outfit all 3 days.

Remember after Day 2 I was all cavalier about getting a handle on mapping?  Spoke way too soon. Got us good and lost a couple times.

But come on, look at this mess to be navigated without electronic help.

First time my name has been on a car.

Drove the ‘Tail of the Dragon’.

Non-car nerds: it’s a stretch of road running through a forest over the border of Georgia and Tennessee. It’s loved by enthusiasts, who come from all over to drive it because it’s so complicated – 318 curves in 11 miles with steep banks, 70% blind corners and no straight lines.

Anyone who says they “tamed the dragon” though, that’s pretty pompous and my face will look back at them like top right.

I attacked it, used the whole road, and in the rain at that, but come on, tamed it? It’s a ridiculously aggressive road that takes huge guts, and I’ll bet there’s really only a few handfuls of people in the country who could literally “tame” it.

Bottom left is me during extreme focus and concentration.

Typing this right now, I’m having some regret at not filming it.

Why I did that – ever since I declared my GoPro dead to me, I’m left with just my phone, which produces shaky footage in these scenarios.  Plus, it’s a tiny cabin, and I needed 100% visibility, because one tiny mistake and it’s over a 4 story cliff, and then I’m forever that guy. 

For 3 days the tach looked like that #DreamComeTrue

That’s getting turned into a blog header.

Part of the gang after we completed the Dragon [photo: Dan Izaak]

We were the last team to return to the hotel at the end of the day. Again. But we crushed enough challenges that we crawled back up from 10th…

… to have Team Autonet tie for 5th place!

For two newbies, not bad. Proof is here.

The winners are:

1 – Team AutoGuide. com – Mike and Sami win $10,000 for the Accelerated Cure for MS Project
2 – Team – Jonathan and Hannah win $2,000 for Sick Kids Foundation
3 – Team Autofocus. ca – Vince and Dan win $1,000 for Kids Help Phone

(and that’s Chuck, Mazda’s PR big brain)

Here’s David and my daily updates over at the newspaper.

– – Day 1

– – Day 2

– – Day 3

A fantastic competition, and compliments to its designers, Keith Townsend and Jud Buchanan of Vehicle Dynamics Group.

And thank you to Mazda for having me, and giving me the best driving experience of my life.