Well that First Week Back Flew By

It’s a luxury car week, a Jaguar XF, $75k.  It’s big.  Been liking it.

Put on a road trip earlier this week, a 400 km one.

Mobile office front seat.

I have this down, this “publish and run the show from anywhere, with a little backpack”. Took years though. And thanks again, TELUS.

This afternoon, we sat down and 2pm, and got up at 7:30. New blog coming very soon. Finally!

You’ll be able to …. use the search bar. Leave a comment. It’ll be like 1998 around here.

Non-nerds: best metaphor I can think of: re-doing a blog is like a house renovation; a big deal, there’s nervousness. So if slow updates here, that’s why.

What I look like tonight.

Don’t feel like being on camera today. Put in a big week, this one. Joggging pants, obviously. Been working out eh, started 4 months ago. It’s sticking this time, and there’s those V-lines under there ha.

I’m on a patio hi hi, typing on my lap, alone, a beer to my right. Behind me, the conversation is about dogs. I’d rather be alone, than surrounded with people but have to listen to those stories.

Next week’s column was going to be aimed at the young generation, how they’re not bothering to get their licence. Until I heard the thump.  I snapped my head around, and there was a girl flat out in the middle of a four-lane downtown road, and the driver opening his door all stunted, and I could see the whites of his eyes from metres away.  Writing about that.

I’ll leave you with some photos, from cleaning off my camera.

Time to retire this dress that summer’s over; my nicest ‘Summer 2013′ dress, to be sure.

Outtake from Honda’s Manual Driving School this year.

Another one.

Blue dress.

1 of my 3 material weaknesses – jewellery.

Daydream time now, the end.


Not that Silk Road, that's Why it's Funny

Because “Silk Road” is a black marketplace – buy items I wouldn’t want to be in Google for, using bitcoin (BTC) currency, and located on the Deep Web.

So ya, they’re not handing out these sticky-note ad specs.

I got this at a conference, and when I explained to the guy why I started laughing when he handed it to me, he was not as amused.

Be careful if you go searching. The above link leads to Wikipedia, and that’s as far as I’ll go; I’d never let this computer touch that place.

Click that ‘deep web‘ link though, that’s neat.


Passed 10,000 Tweets since 2008

I’m quite quiet in real life, even more so online. Maybe you think, “that Keri barely talks online”, but actually, my Twitter and this blog is a lot of talking for me.

I can make it through entire dinner parties without speaking. I just don’t see the point of talking most times, and I think people talk too much in general, using 18 words when 2 will do.

I have a dream about not talking. One time I didn’t speak with anyone for 5 days, nice.

This was my 5,000 tweet – May 2011

Last year around this time, I was at 9,000. That’s an average of 2 tweets/day since.



Invented my First Recipe

Cooking does not come naturally to me;
so kind’ve a big deal, this.

1 – mix together avocado, cheese, cilantro and a dash of pepper
2 – prepare those, move off to the side (do not add to bowl yet)
3 – squeeze in. Not too much though, or it overpowers

MOST IMPORTANT – microwave it once for only 11 seconds. Remove, stir, repeat.

(only 11 though, any more and it cooks the avocado too much, and it tastes horrible when you have to eat it, because you just spent 35 minutes assembling this, and have no time for a do-over (I’m sooo slooow)).

Done cooking, stir in #2.

Toast the bread (and now you used heat, so it counts as “cooking”). Spread it around.

Then show it off on Skype.


(this has been a BloggingAboutFood.com post)