My First Data Block

What Happened – using my mobile blog app, I hit publish on a blog post, and it failed to upload.

Fine, I’ll post from my laptop then.

Tethered my phone > opened a new browser > this page is there:

  1. an alert: you have exceeded your monthly data plan by $50, you’re now denied access to all data
  2. to restore data, text TELUS “Yes”, you understand, and agree, to additional data costs
  3. or instead of text, call. Which I did, because I’m not clicking on something so odd

And it’s TELUS, so I got back an educated, helpful answer:

To avoid bill shock, the CRTC has set a cap on additional phone charges. Once the cap is reached, the data connection is shut off unless the consumer actively agrees to spend more.

Caps are: $50 data – $100 phone calls

That feeling, when I had no data: gah

All my accounts out there, all logged in, alone and unattended.

To get online I’d have to leave the house, and even then it wouldn’t be on my phone, my usual tool, where all my information is… find a computer, import contacts, good thing I have a copy of my contacts… do you… here’s how to properly backup.

A giant wave of “how will I run my life tomorrow, if I can’t use my phone?”.

I wouldn’t be able to. Gah.



End of the Week Update

Hi hi – good weekend I’m sure.

Nothing earth shaking to report, quiet day today, slept in.  Errands, a little work, and did a cheap wardrobe refresh with some $10 dresses from Sirens. One of them is even not black.  Oh and I had the battery replaced in my car’s key fob, and the guy who did it had 2 thumbs woah.

kk here’s some photos from the week, talk to you Monday.


My old Canadian Explorer pin! It was on my friend’s bag when we met for dinner.

fake nice day.

It was at Canadian Tire’s spring media preview.

Jumped on their trampoline.

This is actually the Sound Academy.  The Docks.

My review of Chrysler’s 300 comes out next week.

Short review: big fan. Called it stately.

It rained shoes this week. A gift of fur-lined socks for my Hunters; winter footwear expanded ty k xo

Yesterday, I hit send on my last work email, 9:30, sat down to eat.

Cheers’d you.

Then went to blog, and couldn’t.

My first data block.

However, how this affects this Mon-Fri test I’m doing: my record is still stainless.  Bottom right is proof I made the deadline technically.

The problem was the data block from my service provider, which is interesting enough for its own post, coming Monday.



About Funeral Processions

Read it online at

It’s not a hearse, it’s a “funeral coach”.

Favourite line:

Try this trick; imagine how the person in the casket would give anything to trade places with you, and be the one stuck in traffic. 

Two favourites this week.

It’s in your best interest to give the procession a wide berth, because this is a line of distracted drivers.

Really though, be kind to a passing funeral.  A got a bunch of emails this week; when you honk and act out at a procession, it can haunt someone for 20 years.

Thanks for taking the time Bruce, of Humphrey Funeral Home.