The Skip is Back in the Step

3 weeks on the road is too much.

Mega-decompression weekend; jogging pants only, with plenty of quietness, little talking, ahhh. Feeling back to normal, puffier, not haggard and melted.

#SundayCleaning, did some sewing, main-lined episodes of Community, and kicked off my blog re-build.

For the past couple months, the new frame has been being built, and now it’s at that juncture where only I can move the project forward. The list is daunting.  Every bullet you point you see above is 2 hours, anyway.  Sidebars are a time suck. Yesterday I wrote 8 ‘About’ pages omg.

Part of this re-build, is to clean up my social media accounts; so bad I’m wearing a winter jacket in my Twitter, and my LinkedIn is the world’s worst, doesn’t say auto journalist, or even I think.

Filming a car meetup this week; my Mustang review ran last week (I’ll blog it); and because I flew home Wednesday, it’s just my Jetta, back to schedule asap. This week’s column is about buying cars in bulk.

Coming up – several car reviews / the last 5 KoD columns / NFC / BlackHat / hacking cars / Vegas / security at the Honda Indy / Lincoln MKZ / 2 Land Rovers / the Raptor / and 9 videos are ready to go.

Here’s to a strong start to your week xo


This is going to be a great fall outfit.

A few recent additions to my lanyard collection.



The All-new 2014 Fiat 500L

Fiat has introduced a brand-new car to their lineup of two. Two! Smallest fleet ever eh. I like it; instead of a ton of so-so cars, they do 2 well.

One engine, one style, but endless customization options. Even dash options.

Or this.

If this is your look, re-invented retro and vintage, this is worth test-driving.

The L stands for Loft, not long, because of the huge headroom height inside the cabin. It’s spacious, and would transport 4 adults comfortably. And the seats configure 3 different ways; excellent cargo area.

The 1.4L engine is a Turbo, with plenty of torque, 184 lb.ft, and when coupled with the 160 hp, some sporty handling and responsive steering. It’s fun to drive while still being functional. Get it in manual.

This review made it up to the Sun; doesn’t always happen.

Read it online at

Driving a Fiat, awkwardly.

Photo by Jeremy Sinek, my driving partner down in Baltimore. This one, too.

Read about that trip here.