Lock Picking Tools look like This

Set of lock picks

The L-shaped ones on the right are “torsion wrenches”. Use one of those simultaneously with one of the “picks” on the left.

A lock pick gun

It automates the above process, and while often seen in movies, it’s not that seamless.

It’s way noisier than you’d like it to be, and causes more damage to the lock than picks, leaving evidence of your presence.

(always be mindful of where you leave fingerprints.)

Spotted at SecTor 2014



Subaru’s X-Mode is for Extreme Off-Roading

X-Mode is Subaru’s exclusive off-roading system.

It overtakes the all-wheel drive system, applies torque individually to each wheel, to help both ascend and descend hills.

Push the button and it’s on, exceed 40-ish km/h and it shuts off.

You know that “hill assist” feature that’s en vogue right now? Like that, but on steroids.

These are ATV trails I’m driving on. If it can do that terrain unaffected, the road to a cottage will be easy.

Tested on the all-new 2015 Subaru Outback, in Newfoundland.

My review for the newspaper here.

That feeling really is the best eh.

What the video really looks like; that’s my Final Cut editing file.



Headlights Dim about 10% per Year

SYLVANIA asked me to review their headlight replacement bulbs.

Used their search engine to find the bulb number -1999 Jetta = #9004 – and they arrived in the mail.

Installing the new one required no tools, pop in and out.

Headlights dim by about 10% per year,
so 3 years in, and 1/3 of the brightness is gone

Built a test lab in my yard.

The car is 7 feet away, CL is the centre of the headlight, and I’m trying to measure the spread sideways, since something that darts usually comes from the side, not the front.

But the results are not translating in the photo, at all.

Plus I forgot to clean the headlights (despite blogging a cheap & fast solution on Monday.)

Through the grime though, the new lights are noticeably brighter, and woah, I’m driving in dim conditions for no reason.

Friendly reminder to replace your lights, because there’s dark times ahead guys.

The reason to choose SYLVANIA over another brand can be explained in 5 words: You’re probably already using them. Because SYLVANIA supplies most of the auto manufactures.  See my old bulb in the top photo? There’s a good chance that’s the factory original.

SYLVANIA SilverStar ULTRA Headlights

Don’t cheap out on a most essential part of driving – seeing.

Available at Canadian Tire


This post has been brought to you by SYLVANIA Headlights.