Never Rely 100% on Driving Aids

All these new driving aids (Blind Spot Warning, Park Assist, etc) rely on sensors to function.

But, when was the last time you checked the sensors, before climbing behind the wheel and relying on them?

If this Rear View Camera sensor is this dirty,
then aren’t all the sensors this dirty?

How can something this dirty properly function and calibrate? Can’t.



Didn’t this Week Feel Crooked?

Like everything was off by 20º, everything out of step.

Except for Wednesday, which fell into place like a ballet. Yesterday was completely sideways, then my concentration went west around 2pm, and haven’t seen it since.

Part of this is because of the Mercury Retrograde, which ended today. Mercury Retrograde is OVER.

The Planets(for all my love of logic, I believe in the power of the planets.)

Maybe that’s what yesterday’s freak storm in Barrie came from, the one that caused a 100-car pileup?!  Did you see the animated gif on Buzzfeed? Click that, it’s nuts.

It’s 10:30 pm, I have 3 more emails to send, then we’re going to a Friday night beer & blog.


12:30 pm

kk finally made it.

The phone rang, and I laughed on it for a while. I talk on the phone a lot. I think it’s odd when people don’t.. blogged as much before.

Is it me, or did PhotoBooth photos get grainier.

Taking pictures with my toes.

Hoping this weekend I find a chunk of quiet blog-building time, my ‘About’ pages are all still blank, I’m 4 videos and 1 million columns behind, and the joke is over on LinkedIn, but that alone is an afternoon…

Next week’s car is a minivan YA buddy, I’m a fan, my next review is about the Caravan, actually. It’s a Town & Country this week. Next week’s column is about armoured cars.

kk my laptop battery is about to die, I’ll mass-update my Instagram feed this weekend (that’s the list), and embed the highlights below.

TTY then xo Keri

Just cheersed you.