Inside Google Canada

One morning last week, a couple newspapers and my blog were invited to Google.

So flattered and excited; above, I am almost hyperventilating.

Bright colours, open-concept-fun-atmosphere, the pool table room is where’d I’d be, then oh, let’s have our meeting in this tent.

It was a presentation about their auto division, which is growing fast.

Remember my column about ‘Uber Car Service’? Google just bought them for $250 million.

Learned about how people search and behave while shopping for cars. That’ll be it’s own post, or potentially a ‘Keri on Driving‘ column, still deciding.

See top right? That’s a camera recording our meeting. It was not mentioned, I just happened to notice. Maybe at Google it’s just expected that you’re on camera always.

Best Foursquare checkin ever.



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* = favourite

Made a sidebar photo, above.

60+ columns to date, still one of my favourite things to do each week; my heart goes into here.

Here’s the index page. I’m still 15+ behind, though.