The All-new 2014 Nissan Rogue

Read my full review here on Liked it a lot.

It’s the finishings, though, where the Rogue outshines the competition. The instrument plastics are smooth, and the fake-o carbon fibre looks sharp, but it’s the soft-touch material found on all surfaces that really makes a difference. It may not translate in print, but it does in real life.

It’s a 2.5 L engine producing 170 hp and 175 lb-ft of torque, and the vehicle will tow 1,000 pounds (like a jet ski).

To call it sporty is a stretch, but it’s not supposed to be; the Rogue is a utility vehicle, and it does that well.

Buy the SV trim, the middle one, and forget the third row, it’s too small to be functional. As I said in my review, “It’s tiny; I barely fit, and I’m the size of a troll doll”.

But why I declared it the leader of the compact-SUV segment, is because of Nissan’s invention – the The Divide-N-Hide cargo area. Love it.

Contain wet items in the floor,
so they don’t infect the whole load.

Then Tetris the pieces around in the back,
you can really OCD out. 

Bet this will be copied by the competitors.

I tested the Rogue in Nashville, here’s the post about that trip.

That’s their football stadium, LP Field.

And that’s Mark Richardson, photobombing my entire test video.

HAHA that’s good footage. Motoring TV has it right now, will link it up when it’s online.

2014 Nissan Rogue

Starting at – $23,498
Top trim – $33,098



The Rhythm of a Week

Remember my video a couple years ago:

The Rhythm of a Year

So… December is a right-off… everyone’s focused on tidying up loose ends from the year, preparing for the new one, and parties.

I’ve been drilling down on that theory since then, and think I’ve found the pattern of a week.

The Rhythm of a Week:

Monday – Thursday – a sprint to the finish, nose planted to grindstone
Thursday night – best night of the week always
Friday – tidying up what happened M-Th, and errands. Friday’s can always be accomplished in jogging pants
Friday night – no talking, maybe a quiet and reflective beer
Saturday – Sunday – have fun, then #SundayCleaning to start off the new cycle clean, prepared and ready to attack

Therefore, bring those 2 theories together,
and there’s really only
2 business weeks left in 2013

( I do seem to start to get reflective around now, eh)

(see also: About Time )



I Don’t Like Hybrids

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I like the environment, but it’s the fever surrounding hybrids that bugs me: “This is the definitive solution for the future! Pressurized, flammable chemicals are now under our hoods, batteries for all!”

Now, I’m pretty proud of this… zero comments?!?

What group loves to get worked up and preachy online?  Eco-loving-hippies. And not one had anything to add. I like to think I defeated them with logic.

Of all the columns not to get a physcial copy of eh, boo.

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