Sorry I’m too wiped

Will update after this weekend, but just hit send on my last deadline, and am going to fall on my face now.

Happy Valentines! You’re mine no dramatics xo




AutoShow = 15 Videos Filmed and 0 Tweets

Not one!  Quite the departure from previous shows and years.  This was one of the only photos I took, Lexus’ new concept car.

But looking over the #CIAS hashtag, and doesn’t look like I’m alone, it’s quite sparse compared to past years.  Don’t know why, but interesting eh.

Video though, most every by far.  Miles and I killed it.  We filmed a KeriBlog video and one for my segment on Motoring, a total of 7 cars mini-reviews.

Russ and I also filmed about 5 mini-car reviews for Motoring,

These will air week after next.

This has easily my best auto week yet.  Been killing it all week.

Ford granted me 1/2 exclusive interviews to their… Futurist. For someone with an entire blog section dedicated to Predictions you bet I was into it.

Meet Sheryl Connelly, who was delightful.

I rarely use that word, because it rarely fits. But she really was.

Next week’s Keri on Driving column is about that, then I also fit in a video interview for KeriBlog, asking her what she thought of my personal predictions. We had so much fun I’m pleased to report she was late for her second interview (with Zoomer Media at that; little win there ha, oh I love my job).

Two parties last night, first a Chrysler party, then dinner with Nissan / Infiniti.

It’s not really right to take photos at these things, especially being this weirdo blog/journalist hybrid, so I usually err on the side of no.

Can’t feel the balls of my feet from being on them all day (did 12 hours in 4″ shoes son!).

Came home to the return of my BFF from Africa (Suzy HI), who, in her typical BFF fashion, had left me a message to say shed arrived home safe, and then all about how her boys had told her about how, in the Kingston paper this week, 4 of the 9 auto articles were by me, and she was so proud, nothing about ohhh that she’d just travelled to the other side of the world xo.

Hi from my local, just cheered you with my Stella while I blog this, then Motoring’s two posts tomorrow (you didn’t know I was doing that eh ;).

Been averaging about 3 hours / night, I do sleep deprivation pretty well, boom boom. I am blinking a lot though, and bet I’ll read this tomorrow, shaking my head.

Tomorrow morning we’re off to a Corvette event, then file my column, and then that’s my week complete, fall on my face.