I'm Healing like Wolverine

Barely any dramatics, actually am; not-even-human fast.

My theory is to be hard on an injury; babying it only prolongs things, plus it’ll heal all pansy-like and crooked.

I’m still not totally normal though, why have I become so clumsy? This was a first:

It was full too, and glass everywhere.

Fast Keri Fact – I’ve worn the same perfume since grade 11.

Wednesday was a big car swap day – drove 4 different vehicles 180 km, might be my new record.

Found this on my windshield at GM.

Ha that’s from my boss; we speak in code.

My Accord review prints next week.

Not only is it one of my favourite cars out there, but this is definitely my best-written review to date. Oh WAIT till you read this one line I invented, it’s so good I texted it around to everyone all braggy-like.

What you should not listen to me about is fuel economy. Ugh.

Since starting writing technical reviews for the paper, my phone is full of photos like this:

I have to record and monitor my fuel economy now, something I never paid attention to, and still barely do. Boring.

Caught the Jay’s home opener from the Honda box.

I’ve never loved baseball, but somehow each summer I end up at least 3 games. What I do love is the excited energy of 50,000 people.

What a week, I’m glad it’s done. Don’t think I’ve ever blogged such a statement.

I abhor drama, but despite my efforts it still somehow finds it way in. Nothing I can’t handle, but drama is draining regardless, isn’t it (and thank you to you, for not destroying me like you could have).

Kay I have to finish my ‘Accord Fact File’, and then see ya later computer I am outta here!  I have an Acura RL this week that needs to go for a good drive.

Have a great Saturday night TTYT.


Meet Autonet Teammate – Jacques Deshaies

On the Hyundai Santa Fe XL California trip, my driving partner was Autonet.ca teammate Jacques Deshaies.

He’s an auto journalist for 15 years, stars on the TV show “Guide de l’Auto”, and collaborates on both LCN and TVA (shows on a big Quebec TV channel).

learned a lot about doing this job while driving with him, and my photos for the paper are better than usual (he set them up). Also, I want your time management skills, Jacques ;)

He too loves to go fast, but the difference is he’s way way better at it.

Look at that back wheel.

He has his own race team in the CTCC – Canadian Touring Car Championship, and get this, is sponsored by Mazda Canada.  Good luck this season!

(Note – because the team is all freelancers, we don’t really hang out, so this is a rarity. I’ve now blogged 77% of the team, nice. Meet more of my team here)


If You Need a Small Car Test this Versa Note

When I attended the Detroit Auto Show in January, I was at the reveal for this all-new 2014 Nissan Versa Note.

During the presentation, I remember thinking: woah, they’ve squished a lot of features into $13,348.

Features include: hands-free text messaging, park assist and backup camera, NissanConnect with navigation, push start and heated seats.

Best feature.

It’s a 1.6L 4-cylinder engine that produces 109 horsepower and 107 lb-ft of torque; that’s enough for a city car.

That fits 4 average-sized auto journalists.

The 2014 all-new Nissan Versa Note arrives in Canada this June.