I Do this Often Actually

When I want to zone out and shut off my brain, I go to the mall.

It’s not to shop (I don’t go shopping, I go buying), it’s to watch people. Fake-shopping.

I listen to them talk amongst themselves, what their big problems are… it never ceases to amaze me the level of personal stuff people will loudly discuss in public.

I always leave empty-handed, and always feeling better about whatever it is I’m zoning out from.


I Love Video Editing, Except for the Time

That’s not entirely true; I quite like how the entire world disappears when I open Final Cut.

(here’s what video editing looks like)

I like creating the video. Designing the flow, rhythm, and story, what innovative cuts can I make, the tone (aside – video editors have the power of god, not being dramatic.  Like, you could be the nicest interview, and I can still cut it to make you seem like a d-bag.

But once that’s done, still have a lot of time to put in ironing out audio, matching up decimal places between cuts, dry and so boring OMG.

Been running all my videos through Viddy lately, do you know them? They’re like, the Twitter of video. Edit the video using their phone app, then filter it, add music, and upload it to an active, friendly community.

Had a video pass 1,000 views recently, this one:

My Favourite On-Ramp In Toronto

It’s a long sweeping right, plus the lead-in is great. Go too: 43.615114,-79.552335


All of a Sudden it’s Sunday Again

Sunday Sunday Race-day.  Went to the Indy this afternoon, and a behind-the-scenes tour on Thursday, both of which I’ll blog soon.

Productive week, fast week.  Killed it at work Wednesday, and will blog my Audi A3 review this week, which might be my best review yet. Although, my notes here for my Mustang review are coming together all right.

Friday night in Unionville. I was test driving the city, to see what it’d be like if I lived there.

Like it to visit, but no to living there.

I’m feeling over living downtown.

I can’t just go for a quick drive, something I’ve done my whole life. It’s 30 minutes just to get outside the city to any mildly interesting road.

Then, I got stuck in traffic this week, and it was this moment that tipped it all over.

70 minutes to go 2 km while trapped, no other routes to take and escape. This is no way to live.

Me photographing the Mustang on the weekend.

Black cars are tough to photograph.

And I timed it too, so I took the photos during “magic hour”, but mmm… looks kinda blob-y still, eh.

Night drive.

OMFG I’m behind here, I’m sorry. You can tell; it’s halfway through July and I should be at around 75 photos uploaded for the month, I’m at 50. Not doing this to bug you, I just have so much going on, and newspaper deadlines always will win over blog ones.

I’m around and not boarding any planes this week. I have to return the Mustang tomorrow, and pick up my Jetta that’s been sitting there for 3 weeks. Think it’ll start? I’m 80/20 that it will.

Found a secret waterfall during a walk.

I often walk out the door with only my phone, plus this:

My thinking is: 99% of the time I should be able to get myself out of a situation with $20.

Always a good week when you receive an envelope that comes from here. Saved it.

Proof I take the TTC.

That was en route to the “Canadian Tire Christmas House” this week, which was a neat first, and will blog about it later this week.

Thursday night, best night of the week.

What you can’t see is that except for me, the place was empty. It was great, I didn’t have to overhear / tune-out dumbness. My tolerance for whininess is decreasing quickly.

While I was eating the dinner Tuesday, the girl at the next table complained and whined the entire time; kinda made me lose my appetitte. Going on about something that happened when you were 8, like really.

kk I’ve got a couple big meetings this week, please keep your fingers crossed. This week’s column is about how the hippies and car racing community have more in common than they realize. And I’m still about 6 behind on video editing, coming soon, swear.


xo Keri