Leave it with me guys

Almost caught up here; had to do some maintenance that took priority over blogging (if the computer fails, there is no blog. There is no spoon).

Have a backlog of stuff here, most half drafted, which I’ll catch you up on later this week.

I wrote some fun car stuff on Autonet.ca, my Hyundai Santa Fe XL review has been filed and will print next week (short answer – add it to your test drive list), and this week’s column is about filming in your car.

TTYS, and thanks for always checking in,

xo Keri



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The Santa Fe XL in San Diego

I travelled with Hyundai to test drive their all-new Santa Fe XL.

The grille is gorgeous.

I’m saving my photos for when my review prints, which is in two weeks.

It was my first official test drive program abroad. I was the only blogger and girl.

We drove through Julian, California.  The camera isn’t capturing just how much it’s like a video game. Go.

The people who live here are probably way better drivers than the nation’s average.

Last time I was in San Diego I stopped to see the USS IForget.

My view.

Hotel del Coronado

A 125 year old elevator.

A blanket on a plane makes all the difference.


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Off to California with Hyundai

I’m flying out early Monday morning to San Diego, to test Hyundai’s all-new 7-seater Santa Fe.

Remember I had a Santa Fe a couple weeks ago? It was to give myself a benchmark.

That’s their 2 rows-of-seats SUV, which AJAC awarded the best of the year (one of the higest honours in Canada).

No screen, nice.

They’ve extended the length, and added in another row of seats to make it a 7-passenger people mover, and with Hyundai’s only V6 SUV engine.

I’ll be staying beneath that red roof, and will hopefully get to drive across that awesome bridge.

I land mid-afternoon, and then will be 3 hours behind you.

Hope your week gets off to a strong start, TTYS!

xo Keri


UPDATE: Got to drive over the bridge.


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