Around the Track with Alex Tagliani

It’s a 2013 Honda Civic HFP.

(Honda Factory Performance: tuned out of the box, limited edition)

Non-car nerdsAlex Tagliani is one of Canada’s most beloved racers.

He blew up in 90s, and has been killing it since. He races for Honda in the IndyCar series.

He wouldn’t remember, but we met last year. I arrived at Honda HQ to pick up a Fit, and accidentally walked into a meet & greet.

Also from that day.

Nice.  (so nice, might give this photo its own post).

Filmed two days before the Indy, at the second annual ‘Honda Manual School’.  Here’s a couple more videos from that day.



Little All-new Audi A3s

Starting this spring, gone is the A3 hatchback, instead under the same name is a sedan.

I called it a “starter Audi” in my review, will link it up when it’s live.

These little guys were in the presskit.  Here’s the post about that trip to Hungary, and a couple videos are here.