Totally Floored my Bike is Still Here

Remember that time I gave away my belongings, then lived like a gypsy for almost a year?

During that time, 1.5 years ago, I left my bike locked up on the street, maybe the only time ever. That night a car backed into it. My luck.

Faced with ahhh crap, I don’t have time to get fixed and I’m moving, I hid the bike in a downtown condo parking garage.

I’d forgotten where I’d stashed it, then remembered, then returned this weekend to see if it was still there.

Into the garage, march clockwise for a few levels….. OMG it’s still here?!?

Genuinely floored.

I thought for sure the condo corporation would have cleaned house by now. I squealed when I saw it; I never get this lucky.

It’s an awesome bike, quite Batman-ish. Plus my cycling team gifted it to me, for being an awesome president for 5 years.

I’ll have to move it this week, because probably I’ve now jinxed myself by blogging this.


First Comes Smooth, then Comes Speed

That’s the rule of learning to drive well, fast – first comes smooth, then comes speed.

I’m good at  neither.  I’ll get it done, but it won’t be elegant.  But I have great enthusiasm, and the appropriate amount of aggression.  Just need more seat time.

Here’s what it should look like:

Note how smooth; I’m filming this freehand.

Driving is president of FEL Automotive, Chris Bye.

It’s a 2013 Honda Civic HFP

(Honda Factory Performance: tuned out of the box, limited edition) –

It was Honda’s second annual ‘Manual School‘.

I brought Niki along. She’d never shifted gears before, but left feeling confident enough to buy her first car in manual YES mission accomplished.

With her is Daniel, whom you’ve met before hi hi.

(here’s the first annual ‘Manual School’ – there’s 3 videos)


The Truth about the Third Row

There’s a trend in SUVs right now:
to offer a third row of seats, allowing you to move 7 people

Like, look at the squishiness. And remember too, I’m little.

These new “third rows” are fine in a pinch, but it’s unreasonable to expect to regularly transport 2 adults back there.  I call it the “row of delusion”.

My recommendation: buy the vehicle you want, and rent one for those handful of times a year you need to move 7 people.