Back Up & Running on Popsicle Sticks

Sorry again for the interruption in service, plans are in place to complete the cleanup this weekend. But between that and 4 newspaper deadlines this week, ya, woah.


I definitely don’t live in the city anymore.

Yellow is a never.

Discovered a new favourite car, below.

Can you tell what it is? It’ll get a proper post next week.

How my neighbour calls on me.

The. Best.

And I’m pleased to report I can now offer guests a place to sit. Look, a couch. Took 3 months and tada. Also note the mirror has returned.

It’s casino weather now.

Waste of a good photo opportunity eh, because whose head is big enough to make this funny?

And finally I made it inside the 400 Flea Market, been on my list for 10 years.

It was okay, I’ve been to better, I’m a flea market connoisseur.

Got this new hat there, $7 (OEMs: send me your hats)

Editing last Sunday, going to try to again this one, I love love video editing.

And with that I’m out.

Deadlines done, inbox is zeroed, and I’m off to make up for last night, Thursday night, which is always the best night of the week except yesterday’s, which was opposite.

Have a great weekend TTY Monday xo



My Jetta is Gone for Real, Forever this Time

I’ve brought it back from the dead many times over the years, once said goodbye for 7 months, but this time I signed the green ownership paper, it’s official.

Didn’t make it to my goal of 300,000 km, look how close I was too.

Because that’s miles, so – 288,450 km

That car was a big part of my life since 2007. My co-star in my 80-episode series about Canada.

Here’s the theme song I wrote for said show.

Not proud of the amount of attachment to an intimate object I’m experiencing right now.

But it’s impractical, putting a couple thousand into a car that I paid $5,000 for 8 years ago, and has severe electrical problems. So off it went this week.

I don’t wanna talk about it anymore.

RIP Jetta XO

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